Blood Bank Management

Blood is universally recognized as the most precious element that sustains life. It saves innumerable lives across the world in a variety of conditions. A blood bank is a place designed especially for the storage of blood and blood products. The term "blood bank" typically refers to a division of a hospital laboratory where the storage of blood product occurs and where proper testing is performed to reduce the risk of transfusion related events. Large coolers hold these products at a constant temperature and they are available at a moment's notice. The blood bank management information system offers functionalities to quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country. It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked.

Blood Bank Management System, the portal bridges the gap between the demand and supply of blood. This portal aims to bring blood donors and recipients under a common on-line platform. Donors can register themselves on the site after going through the basic requirements for donating blood. This portal also has useful information regarding blood donation such as scientific information, tips and facts.

Main Features

  • Generating reports on Stocks-Blood Group wise, Area wise and Expiry date wise.
  • Donor Database-Blood Group wise and Area wise.
  • Maintain and update Unique Donor Identifications.
  • Track and maintain all the Donor Types-Voluntary, Exchange and Directed.
  • Improved the Effectiveness and efficiency of Blood Bank-Faster Response Time and Better Control.
  • Accurate database/Record Management. 
  • Blood Cross Match and Result Storage Facility.
  • Rejected Donor Database for Donor Control and Identification.
  • Blood Transfusion related disease control and prevention. 
  • Searched Facility for Destroyed and Expired Blood.
  • Comprehensive Donor database with Search Facility.
  • Unique Donor Id and Patient record Id for managing future list.
  • Improve Blood Bank processes by providing efficient and continuous software support

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