E-Recruitment Portal

E-Recruitment Portal is a web based solution mainly designed for small to large sized Recruitment Consultancy or the HR Department of a larger company providing HR / Recruitment Services. E-recruitment Solution has been developed for helping people to take advantage of internet revolution and its increased use. E-Recruitment Solution is focused on key procedures that any company uses to collect resumes, hire people such as candidate database, handling various human resource (HR) requirements identifying prospective candidates and evaluating them. It is completely customizable to suit the company's requirements. So you get what you exactly want. So This E-hr / E-Recruitment Solution package is most essential for HR-Consultancy, Employer & Candidate.

The E-Recruitment Portal architecture divided into four layers:

Presentation Layer: To provide rich user experience to the users, all the user interface elements designed in web forms. This layer consists of forms and controls. These forms essentially provide pleasant experience to the users using Microsoft visual studio 2005 libraries.

Business Rules Layer: This layer represents various business rules of the project. Business rules involve various tasks during User Creation, User Privilege, Job Status Management, Employee Management, Candidate Management, Maintaining the Qualification Master and other actions.

Validation Layer: This layer represents various Validation rules of the project like Email Validation, Name Validation, Numeric Validation, Alpha Numeric Validation etc.

Data Access Layer: The data access layer works tightly with business layer. This layer is responsible for interacting with database related activities like establishing connection to database, retrieving the data, inserting data and others.

Product Knowledge & Features

The product is simple and interactive to use making it easy for you to update vacancies and profiles quickly to really take advantage of the recent online jobs market boom. The website is also designed to enhance the candidate capture process by offering fast and secure CV capture online.


The main features are:

  • A website that is designed to match your corporate branding
  • This package is most useful for HR-Consultancy, Employer & Candidate.
  • So this product is separated in to three main modules i.e.,
  • Admin Module / HR-Consultancy Module
    • User Management Module
    • Candidate Management Module
    • Candidate Status Module
    • Employer Management Module
    • Employer Status Module
    • Job Management Module
    • Job Status Module
    • Create Master Data i.e., qualification master & job title master
    • Search Candidate for a particular keywords/ qualification/ employer
    • Search job for a particular keywords of any candidate
  • Utility Management Module
    • Update Personal Information
    • Change Password
    • Backup & Restore Database
  • Candidate Module
    • Search Job Module
    • Job Apply Module
    • Job Confirmation Module
  • Utility Module
    • Update Personal Profile
    • Change Password
    • Vacancy search facility for both registered & non registered candidate.
    • Current news updates facility in website index page.
    • Hot jobs information update facility in website index page
    • News letter signup facility in website index page.
    • A CV registration and submission function
    • Vacancy life cycle management
    • Promotion of a "top job" in a prominent location on the site
    • Dedicated Support via, On-Site Training Team, Email / Web, Chat, SMS and Phone Call.
    • Totally Administration facility for every module.
    • Requires no technical knowledge of website development
    • Hosting of up to 50 email addresses, more can be purchased
    • Lead time of only 4 weeks for development
E-Recruitment Portal

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