Hotel Management System

NTSPL Hotel Management System is a user-friendly, uncluttered and compact Hotel Management System that automates the operation and management of a hotel. Our software seamlessly integrates Online & Offline Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Spa and POS functions on a single platform. An extensive variety of reports are generated to supply you with vital information at all times. This is an excellent product for small and medium ranged hotels, resorts, inns, lodges and other hospitality centers. The software is web based, which means that the system is accessible, centralized, secure and scalable.

Accessible: The system allows you to access and manage your hotel from anywhere in the world. You can log on to the net and access your hotel system from your living room in Delhi, give instructions to your staff, check on the reservation status, assign tasks, generate reports and do everything else that you could do when you are in the hotel — but do it all from the comfort of your living room, vacation spot or from anywhere on the planet, wherever you happen to be.

Centralised: All your data has a single point of entry, this is what makes it possible to access and use the system from anywhere, anytime. Whatever info is entered in the Delhi branch, will be visible at the Mumbai and Chennai branch also and vis-à-vis. In addition it will be visible to anyone with access to your system, no matter where they happen to be on the planet — even if you don’t have a branch there —as long as they can log on to the internet.

Secure: With NTSPL your data is not just secure — it is secure plus! Your data is stored at more than one location. This ensures its security even in case of a catastrophe. For example, if the server is destroyed because of fire in a certain location, you need not worry that all your data is wiped out, the back-up of your data is secure in several other locations.

Scalable: The NTSPL system is your clone, if you grow — it grows with you and if you downsize — it downsizes with you. So if add another hotel to your portfolio, you don’t need to invest anything more to add it to your management system similarly if you want to remove one of your properties from the management system, all you need to do is click the system a few times.

NTSPL is a web-based online reservation and management system for small to medium sized hotels the system also features a spa management system and a simple point of sale system. It is a 100% web based, built using ASP.NET with a MSSQL RDBMS running on Windows 2008 and IIS (preference is Microsoft products). It is a cross browser compliant running on all major browsers both on Windows and Mac. The user interface is template based thereby having complete separation of business logic from presentation logic. NTSPL will support an online payment gateway in near future however the immediate need for monetary transactions is performed via a separate gateway with the final transaction information recorded in NTSPL.

Module advantage

All NTSPL modules are seamlessly integrated to maintain unremitting workflow. Appropriate record locking schemas are applied to prevent double bookings or overwriting of data by specific users. Plus, data is never lost due to a record lock.

For example: data from a POS transaction does not get lost because the housekeeping team is changing the room status from dirty to clean. POS data is retained allowing the user to re-submit further info. Once user categories are created, access to various modules is granted independent of other modules. Connection time outs and users being logged off the system are set at such durations so as to not interfere with daily operations.



On this module you can effortlessly set-up hotel functions and introduce any customization that you may need. This affords you maximum maneuverability in case of changes you might want to introduce at various times. This maneuverability in turn lets you individualize your services according to customer preferences.

  • Creation of room categories and features
  • Set Rates by room categories and season
  • Set season dates for multiple years
  • Assign different clearance status
  • Add, edit and disable employees
  • Establish form of payment
  • Organize store inventory
  • Set tax rates


  • Room name/number
  • Room Bed Type (Dorm Bed, Twin, Double, Triple, Campsite)
  • Dorm Beds are noted as by type: Male/Female/Co-Ed
  • Bath – private or shared
  • Taxed – Yes/No (all are default ‘yes’ except for campsite)
  • Number of extra beds possible (default is 0)
  • Photos – upload and store room photos: exterior and interior


You can create dynamic seasons on either an annual or perennial basis:
  • Set different season dates each year
  • Set season name, start and end dates


You can assigns rates to all existing room categories:
  • Season wise
  • Extra bed, etc.

Store Inventory

You can:
  • Create profit centers: Gift shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Enter product name, brief description, price
  • Declare it a taxable or non-taxable item
Profit centers are non- inventorial sales are tracked without an on hand balance.


You can add, edit and disable employee accounts/clearance, limiting access to system functionality by the user login information.


You can create and assign local taxes to sale type. Currently, the application only handles two tax rates: occupancy tax for rooms and sales tax for POS purchases.

Forms of Payment

You can list accepted forms of payment: cash, check, credit - visa etc.

Front Desk

Here your employees can login and access all functionality associated with the day-to-day front desk operations including spa and group management. You will always be informed of your guests needs via this module.

Hotel Snapshot

Access an interactive visual matrix of all rooms. In this detailed overview of the hotel, the status — available / reserved / checked-in / out / blocked — along with guest’s last name is available. By clicking on detail, the user can access information about that room including
  • Guest’s details
  • Reservation details
  • New reservation assignment

Create a New Guest

  • Name
  • Address
  • Credit card(s)
  • References attributes

Create a Reservation

  • Assigns a guest to a specific room(s)
  • Sets a period of continuous dates
  • Notes method of arrival (car, bus, taxi etc)
  • Prints guest check-in card

Access Report

Access report of guests scheduled to arrive/depart for a specific date
Print check-in cards for all/selected guest for a specific date
Check-in guests as they arrive
Edit Reservations: past, present & future - change dates, rooms etc.
  • Re-assign guests to a different room
  • Split reservations: account for people who may change rooms during a single visit
  • Note if the guest has requested a specific room
  • Note circumstances that mandate the room cannot be changed
Add charges to the rooms including gift shop, spa and restaurant charges
Check-out guests including form of payment(s) including checks, traveler’s checks and credit cards. For non-cash payments a reference number is collected (check number, authorization code etc)
Receive transaction data from a credit card swipe machine

Work Shift

  • Opening and closing functions
  • Accounting for financial transactions (opening balance, closing balance by payment method etc).


Booking for the spa will be made according to following specifications:
  • Treatments/space categories each with their own attributes
  • Treatments booked for a specific time period on a day
  • Spa charges can be charged to the guests’ rooms or settled at the spa at the time of the treatment


Make group reservations for two or more rooms reserved under one name.
  • Dynamic and flexible despite being ease to use
  • Ensure capacity for the entire group.
  • individuals are assigned to specific rooms – potentially with varying arrival and departure dates— at a later time
  • Single payment made for the rooms booked by the group
  • Individual payments made for the rooms booked by the group
The room association with the group reservation is maintained at all times and the group leader’s details are always available for reference.


This is where the front desk is linked to your housekeeping staff. All communication — regarding rooms that need to be cleaned, inspected and/or repaired —flows through here.
  • System automatically assigns room status at the beginning of the day (dirty or inspect).
  • Daily Housekeeping report: Staff access a printable report of daily check-ins, checkouts, occupancies, vacancies, and maintenance notes as well cleaning instructions
  • Staff can return to the report and changes the status from dirty/inspect to “Cleaned” or “Inspected”.
  • Staff may also change classification to “Repair” if there exists a maintenance issue with the room.
  • Notes on a repair can be included with updates. Repair issues persist as notes for the room with only unresolved repairs appearing on the daily housekeeping report.
Housekeeping is a separate security area so users may be granted clearance to this module with or without clearance to other modules.


Purchase of items in hotel gift shops or restaurant/ bar billing is documented on this module.

  • After selecting the appropriate profit center to use, staff can create a sale by adding items from the store inventory
  • Sale total along with taxes is updated as each item is added or deleted from the sale
  • Payment information can either be entered to complete the transaction or assigned to a guest’s room for payment at a later date.
  • A transaction number is available for reference
  • Staff is able to separate POS purchase from a reservation in order for the guest to pay for them separately
  • Purchase details are stored and saved for future reference
  • A detailed receipt is available for printout should that be requested
POS is a separate security area so users may be granted clearance to this module with or without clearance to other modules.

Online Reservations

This is a pretty straight forward reservation interface that allows Web site visitors to book online.
  • Guests can view rooms, pricing and room availability
  • Receive a confirmation email
  • Guests can only book by room category and not specific rooms
  • Multiple rooms for multiple guests (groups) are allowed as well as a request for an extra bed (rollaway)

After selecting a room and date guests are requested to submit:

  • contact details
  • credit card number
This process creates an account for the user enabling them to return in the future to edit their reservation or book a new one. A process for retrieving account information is included.


Perhaps the most important part of an organization’s operations is its reports. Reports are what let you judge your current performance, what it lacks and how you can improvise your services in the future. Towards this end you can generate and view n number of reports via this module. Access is granted strictly by clearance. All interfaces are interactive and easily navigated to & fro with a single click.
Below are samples of the types or reports that are available to specific staff based on their duties & clearance:

  • Daily Report – POS transactions: number of transactions and total revenue for the specified day.
  • Daily Report – Reservations: check-ins and checkouts for the specified day.
  • Daily Report – Reservation cards – details of each new guest arriving (1/2 page each).
  • Daily Report – Detailed line item of transaction for the specified day.
  • Daily Report – Close-out: Revenue by type: Cash, check, MC, Visa etc.
  • Daily Report – Housekeeping: list of check-ins, checkouts, occupied and vacancies including any maintenance notes
  • Occupancy percentage rates by time period and by room category
  • Occupancy revenues (sales and taxes separated) by time period (summary and detailed transactions versions).
POS revenues (with sales and taxes separated) by time period (summary and detailed transaction versions).

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