Legal Management System

Legal Management System is a comprehensive legal case management application featuring all the essential elements of a quality Law Practice Management Solution.

The Legal Management System revolves around the Case, Client, and Contacts databases. From these three screens you can control and work every Legal Case that is taken by the Law Firm / Law Department of any organisation.

The system is integrated with Microsoft® Excel which ensures familiarity to integrate past legal information into the application. All Client details are available at the click of a button. Complete Case files are accessible from your desktop. Legal Management System eliminates much of the stress associated with the organisation of office files and document management, and therefore encourages high quality office practices.

Main Features

  • Once the Legal Management System has been fully implemented your firm will reap the benefits of being more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Reductions in staffing costs, and other overheads, are often realised as your firm experiences economies of scale!
  • Our substantial Precedent and Court Form document management library, tailored to your business and legal jurisdiction, features comprehensive legal letters and electronic forms documents to suit your needs. Your firm will experience a significant reduction in time spent completing document assembly and management tasks.
  • Simply select a document from a drop down list and watch it complete in seconds using the case information, while being stored for later use in the correct case file.
  • Documents cover numerous case types and are customisable to suit your firms individual needs.
  • Admin can easily review all the financial information related to each case.
  • Connect to the office on the move, from home or abroad. Dialing into the system is simple, and once online you can check emails and telephone messages, view incoming & outgoing post, and browse over case files.
  • We offer the means to maintain continuity while out of the office.
  • Admin cab view case summery information with percentage wise & graph mode.
  • This application is very much secure because it is tracking the user login information along with user’s work process. So admin can easily review the track records.

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