Online Student Management

Online Student Management is an Integrated Application and it is a data warehouse of student and course information. A complete Web Based Application for all Kind of Education institution, which is completely web enabled & operates through Internet or LAN. Online Student Management is an integrated program automated, controls all the different processes & procedures involved from admission till certification of students in educational institutions.

The Online Student Management System is designed at integrating the four elements of an educational system - Management, Teachers, Students and Parents. Online Student Management starts from a simple student portfolio to a complex open communication channel which facilitates synchronization between the four elements with information and helps institutions be efficient and effective. For the Online Student Management Principal, Faculty, Student, Admin, Dean/HOD, Parent are the actors i.e., Users...

The Online Student Management is Internet based and it is a highly versatile system with provision for seamless incorporation of expanded module and resultant increased functionality as the development of new modules proceeds. At present there are 14 basic modules in Online Student Management which takes care of the academic and administration of information pertaining to students. Apart from the basic modules there is optional modules viz., Examination module, Lesson Plan Schedule, Hostel Module, Library Module, etc., which can be incorporated into the basic module. Here we provide some modules which enable the parents to get the information online regarding their children progress report and other activities.

The key points about the Online Student Management
System Objectives
  • Use latest generation technology for maximum performance
  • Use relational database for improved flexibility
  • Use plain-text for all fields.
  • Deliver services to users' desktops
  • Integrate disparate services into one system
  • Inter operate with third party software for querying and reporting.
Online Student Management Module Breakdown
  • Administrator Module
  • Admissions Module
  • Student Information
  • Exam Module
  • Faculty Module
  • Admin Module
  • Principal Module
  • Parent Internet Access
  • Dean/HOD User
  • Academic Module
  • Student Alumni
  • Other Reports
  • Hostel Module
  • Library Module
  • Student Attendance Module

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